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Get Involved

Join us:  Click on the Join Us subpage under the Get Involved menu item.
Financial support: Lake Barcroft Village, a Virginia non-profit corporation that has 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, needs money to get started. The corporation can accept tax-exempt donations. Click on Get Involved/Donate. Alternatively, please contact Ross Kory, Treasurer, or Cindy Waters, Executive Director.
Skills: The village needs specialized help . If you are a fund raiser, your help will be greatly appreciated.
Volunteer: The heart of our ongoing village operation are  the volunteers. As a volunteer, you can provide many services. You can provide rides for members to appointments with doctors,  shop for groceries, pick up a prescription. You can help your neighbor change a light bulb, solve a computer problem, take a walk. You can check with a neighbor to make sure he or she is OK, or simply say hello. Click here for a volunteer form.
Get Reimbursed: If you have made personal/out-of-pocket expenditures on behalf of the Village (supplies, equipment, food, etc.), you are entitled to reimbursement. Click on this Reimbursement Form and print it, complete it, attach your receipts, and return it to the Village. You can deliver it to the Treasurer or drop it off at the Village office.


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