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Committee Roles and Responsibilities



Chair: Beth Auerbach


The Operations committee oversees the policies and procedures of the Village BOD. The committee is responsible for the Financial Plan and selection of software.


Co-chairs: Ross Kory, Jane Guttman



Chair:  TBD

The Membership committee maintains contact with LB residents, attracts new members & facilitates renewals of memberships. The Keeping in Touch initiative is under this committee.


Chair: Jane Guttman

Members:  Judy Hilton, Anne Murphy O’Neil, Sam Rothman, Priscilla Weck. Design: Don Christian


Communications produces, writes and edits The Villager, provides articles for the Lake Barcroft newsletter, and designs and maintains the web site.








Chair: Lisa DuBois


Fundraising  seeks support from individuals, local businesses, corporations, and foundations and develops opportunities for strategic partnerships


Volunteers and Services

Chair: TBD

This committee helps to attract and train volunteers who provide Village members with a variety of services, such as rides, tech support, errands, home maintenance and more.



Chair: Walt Cooper

Members: Beth Auerbach, Carol Bursik, Marcia Grabowski, Ellen Raphaeli, Barbara Rothman, Sam Rothman, Bob Schreiber, Roger Soles, Shirley Timashev, Cathy Williams, Clyde Williams, Linda Woodrow


The Programs  Committee sponsors cultural and educational programs including lectures, trips and other events and hosts or arranges social gatherings such as happy hours and lunches


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