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"Living alone and recovering from foot surgery proved to be a challenge.  The post-surgical boot made it difficult to stand and get around.  Cooks on Call was wonderful!  The week after surgery I had delicious dinners delivered which usually included a main course with salad, bread and dessert.  The large portions were great for leftovers.   On the weekend one “cook” suggested bringing Thai take-out to be eaten with the company of her and her spouse.  An excellent suggestion!"


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Pharmacy Delivery Following Stay-at-Home Order


Great news for Safeway pharmacy customers, you can now get your prescriptions delivered directly to your home.If you have a new prescription or a refill, you can skip the trip to the pharmacy and have your medications sent to your house.

How Does Pharmacy Delivery work?

There are two options to receive your prescription at home including courier delivery and mail delivery.  Customers can request contactless prescription delivery in person or via phone through your local pharmacy.   The courier will deliver the prescription and knock on the door when they arrive.  They will leave the package at the door, and there is no need to sign for your delivery while we are in this state of COVID-19 social distancing.Additionally, if you wish to have your prescription filled and sent via United States Postal Service (USPS) into your mailbox, you can request this option from the pharmacist.  This may be the better option if you live in a condo or apartment and don’t want a package lingering in the hallway.

Same Day Delivery Available

If a prescription request and delivery are ordered before 10:30 am, the prescription can be delivered the same day.If it’s requested after 10:30 am, the prescription will be delivered the next day (Monday through Friday only).Mail-order prescriptions may take a few days, depending on the USPS pick up and delivery schedule.Note — refrigerated prescriptions and schedule II controlled substances cannot be fulfilled by mail or delivery.


Safeway Pharmacy Delivery Cost


There is normally a fee of $7.99 for courier prescription delivery service and $3.99 for the mail delivery, however, Safeway is offering the pharmacy delivery service for FREE through May 1st.Prescription co-pays and delivery payment can be made over the phone using a credit card.

CVS --Need your medications filled?

CVS Health is taking steps to address the Coronavirus outbreak and is helping patients of all ages be able to access their medications without coming to the pharmacy for refills or new prescriptions.Through May 1st, 2020, CVS Pharmacy is waiving all charges for home delivery of qualifying prescription medications with qualifying prescription benefit programs and insurance plans.




Instead of going into a Walgreens pharmacy to speak to someone about non-emergency, medication-related topics, shoppers can chat online with a professional 24/7 on Walgreens.com or through the Walgreens app.You can also choose to pick up your prescription through Walgreens pharmacy drive-thru or choose delivery as soon as the next day. Walgreens delivery is free, and if you don’t answer the door when FedEx rings, they’ll leave the package on your doorstep.

Takeout and Delivery Options

Zoom Together

Craving a restaurant meal? There are lots of options for delivery and takeout.

Lake Barcroft Village is launching a new program, “Zoom Together.”  We are in an era where face-to-face meetings are being limited by the health risks of Covid-19.  While practicing social distancing, we can still “Zoom Together.”


What is “Zoom Together?”  It is a way you can have social interaction with fellow members of Lake Barcroft Village, from the comfort of your own home.  There will be a series of meeting dates, and you can participate whenever a program suits your interests.  If the first ones don’t appeal to you, wait around and see if others will.

Cindy Waters will email the entire Village membership regarding the topic and the video/TED talk that will be discussed as well as whom to contact and how to join in.

Member Benefits

Who Rates Best (& Worst) in the Washington Area? Now You'll Know..

Nonprofit Consumers' CHECKBOOK reveals which Washington Area service providers and retailers rated best and worst for quality and price. Lake Barcroft Village has a subscription available for all members. Contact Executive Director Cindy Waters for more details.


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